The Guardian ditches old school blogging…

9 09 2008

Yep the redesign of its blogs, which is completed this evening, signals the end of the organisation using an old school blogging approach .

Firstly the paper is leaving Movable Type, which is the pro blogging software favoured by among others Huffington Post, and is now working with a new format R2.

Perhaps more importantly from a reader’s perspective, the re-designed blogs now only offer a very short intro, or to use the old media word standfirst, on the home page. To read the story users have to click through to the page.

The reason The Guardian has done this is that being less generous means more click throughs, more page views per users and subsequently more ad impressions served.

However one of the beauties of blogs is that a user can read a great deal of content without leaving the home page. In my book sites that don’t give the reader at least a third of the story are, gasp, websites rather than blogs.

Of course the Guar’s blogs will keep all the trappings associated with the format, namely opinion focussed articles, links to other stories etc, but are they blogs now? What are blogs anyhow? It’ll be interesting to see how readers respond.



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9 09 2008
Mark Dye

Agree with you on the above Ash. Be interesting to see how it’s received.

9 09 2008 Editors’ Blog » Blog Archive » Guardian blogs complete move to new technology platform

[…] of the upgrade is already coming in: Shiny Media co-founder Ashley Norris says the move ’signals the end of the organisation using a traditional blogging […]

9 09 2008

Gawker has been making you click through for the full story for ages and Techcrunch just redesigned so it’s the same. One para, then click more to read the rest. You can only get away with it if you’ve already got loads of visitors, already, though.

It’s also slightly more acceptable when you are actually clicking through for more, not just one additional short sentence. Can’t think which sites would be guilty of doing that…

9 09 2008

Um… they’ve always been structured with the first part of the story and then a “read more”, even on Movable Type. I’m not sure where you’ve gotten your information?

I’ve grabbed an image and put it here:
Guardian Blogs

9 09 2008

good points Will but compare to and you can see how little The Guar is giving away now

10 09 2008

You’re right, those Guardian stubs are mighty short.

By Gawker – I meant the whole network, sorry.

Oh and even over there, not everyone’s happy:

10 09 2008

Well, it doesn’t have to be short intro and clickthrough. We Tech bloggers are already working at subverting the system so you can see all the post right away. Early days, early days.

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