Bring back the Starbucks Egg Nog Latte – the Facebook campaign starts here

6 11 2008

britneyBloody Starbucks. Each year they bring out the Red Cup Christmas drinks and each year discerning Coffee drinkers delight in the creamy, comforting fat fest that is the Egg Nog Latte.

Except this year it has been replaced by some Berry Mocha nonsense.

Now I have spent much of the last few months eagerly anticipating the return of the ENL only for it to be cruelly taken away from me.

How ironic that on a day when we should be uniting behind the Americans and their ace new President that I am cursing their business leaders for robbing me of one of life’s best little pleasures.

So if Facebook can bring back the Wispa bar (OK so I know it was really an award winning PR campaign) Facebook can get me and thousands of other ENL addicts our favourite drink back.

So sign up, boycott Starbucks and, if you have to, cancel Christmas! This is serious.

Remember folks – can we get the ENL back? Yes we can!

Sign up here

How to solve international conflicts using Facebook

11 08 2008

I got a message the other day from a Swedish friend alerting me to the great Scandinavian Facebook race. Apparently Sweden is taking on Norway and Denmark in a race to become the first Scandi country to get 500,000 Facebook members to join its group.

I didn’t need too much encouragement to vote for Sweden as I am a complete Swediphile. After all how can you not love a country that gave you Ingmar Bergman, Jens Lekman, and Anders Limpar?

It did strike me though that Facebook might be a good way to resolve international relations. Instead of peppering villages with missiles or blowing up warships maybe countries could get together and solve territorial issues via Facebook popularity contests. Just a thought.