Another British indie new media group is born – but why do we have to call it a blog network?

7 07 2009

Really good to see the birth of Handpicked Media reported by Paid Content. It has a some fabulous websites written by some good mates – check out Sarah W’s brilliant Queens of Vintage – and deserves to be very successful.

Couple of things though Mr Andrews

1 Why bring up Messy Media and Mink Media again? There are lots of indie UK websites that are thriving like Unreality TV, Hecklerspray and UK Fabsugar, some of which are part of networks.

2 I don’t really think these sites are blogs any more, not as we understood blogs back in 2007, anyhow. There’s very little difference between these sites, Anorak’s sites and Shiny’s sites and much of the web output of newspapers and magazine publishers these days. Time for a rethink on the name. I like indie new media myself

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