Why O2 sucks and the iPhone underperforms on the go (IMO)

7 07 2009
Check out this website I found at o2sucks.wordpress.com

Rob Follis, top PR bloke, Apple obsessive and iPhone owner, has started a blog called O2 sucks http://o2sucks.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/a-near-neighbour-buys-an-iphone-gets-missed-calls-dropped-calls-and-more/ which catalogues his frustration with the network. I have had an iPhone for several months now and I have been very underwhelmed by its performance.

At home on my wireless network, the iPhone is an amazing device which works brilliantly. Yet whenever I leave home and try to look at web pages or use Twitter I invariably end up getting very frustrated with the phone running very slowly and dropping sites and calls. Last night at Blur’s Hyde Park gig it simply gave up and was networkless for hours. Now this might be network overload – there were probably a lot of iPhone owners in the park and I seem to remember The Guar’s Jemima Kiss highlighting a similar problem at Glastonbury, but it reflects very badly on O2. My Voda/Nokia combi worked fine though.

The one thing that does spring to mind is whether this is entirely O2’s fault. Might it simply be that the iPhone’s 3G chip isn’t up to it and this is compounded by O2’s fairly iffy coverage. There I have said it.

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Moaning about the iPhone

10 07 2008

One of my favourite sites at the moment is Friction TV which delivers quirky, and often very entertaining debate focussed videos. PopJunkieTV has a channel on the site here, and they also have a small but growing tech section to which I contributed this. Don’t snigger too much.

‘The iPhone has raised the bar for mobile phones’ – talking mobile innovation with Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs

30 05 2008

The last time I met Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs in London three years ago he was enthusing about his nascent mobile TV technology MediaFLO. I remember being quite cynical at the time telling him that I thought the Nokia backed DVB-H mobile TV format was a shoe in for the UK and indeed most of Europe and that he should concentrate on the US.
Well there’s still no sign of any commitment to launch DVB-H in the UK, however MediaFlO is a step closer given that Qualcomm has just spent £8 million on buying some L-band radio spectrum. The official line is that it is to be used testing MediaFLO, but given the close relationship with Sky – the two company’s trialled MediaFLO in Manchester last year – there’s plenty of gossip that a UK launch of MediaFLO isn’t too far away.
Hence when I meet Jacobs again this time at the Brew conference in San Diego (Brew is Qualcomm’s mobile phone developer platform) he is unsurprisingly bullish about MediaFLO’s prospects, but does acknowledge that it has a long way to go.
‘I’d say we don’t even have version one of Mobile TV. We are working with version 0.5, but with MediaFLO we have a very good technology.’ Read the rest of this entry »