Who Ate All the Pies 2.0 arrives – looks amazing

7 07 2009

Yep, the 2.0 version of the best football website in the world
launches today http://www.whoateallthepies.tv . There are a few minor
things that need sorting, but I ma very proud of this. Btw since Pies
relaunched back in May it has more than doubled its traffic. Nice work
Mr Irish. Pies is on Twitter at twitter.com/piesblog

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Another British indie new media group is born – but why do we have to call it a blog network?

7 07 2009

Really good to see the birth of Handpicked Media reported by Paid Content. It has a some fabulous websites written by some good mates – check out Sarah W’s brilliant Queens of Vintage – and deserves to be very successful.

Couple of things though Mr Andrews

1 Why bring up Messy Media and Mink Media again? There are lots of indie UK websites that are thriving like Unreality TV, Hecklerspray and UK Fabsugar, some of which are part of networks.

2 I don’t really think these sites are blogs any more, not as we understood blogs back in 2007, anyhow. There’s very little difference between these sites, Anorak’s sites and Shiny’s sites and much of the web output of newspapers and magazine publishers these days. Time for a rethink on the name. I like indie new media myself

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Anorak Publishing launches

20 11 2008

Hi all

Here’s the official word on a new start up I have put together will Paul Sorene of Anorak. There’ll be a bit more background on it tomorrow (Friday).

Top British website Anorak.co.uk re-launches, while founder announces arrival of new online publishing company

• Top UK media/politics site gets re-design
• Site owner Paul Sorene announces Anorak Publishing with three new sites in the pipeline
• Ex Shiny Media CEO, Ashley Norris, takes role as Chief Executive

Anorak, one of the UK’s longest running news and media websites, has unveiled its new re-design. The site’s owner, Paul Sorene, has also announced the formation of a new online content company – Anorak Publishing.
The brainchild of freelance journalist Sorene, anorak.co.uk has been delivering an irreverent slant on the media and politics for the best part of a decade. The re-designed website maintains Anorak’s stated mission of keeping tabs on the tabloids, but also includes revamped sections on media, strange but true, celebrity, sport and tech.
The site, which currently attracts 300,000 unique readers each month, now also boasts a crack team of freelance writers including award-winning journalist Paul Berger, Private Eye’s Ed Barrett, the voice of US satire ‘Iowahawk’ and Ollie Irish ex Editor of Stuff Magazine.
‘Anorak is one of the leading UK websites that focuses on media and politics,” says founder/editor Sorene. ‘It was very interesting how sites like Salon, Drudge and Instapundit played such an important role during the US election. Anorak is the nearest thing the UK has to those sites and with the financial markets in meltdown, an election less than a year and half away and the media in turmoil we certainly have plenty to write about.’
Sorene also announced the arrival of Anorak Publishing, which will develop a series of websites aimed at British men. ‘The new titles will keep the same anarchic spirit and high editorial values of Anorak but will focus on niches like music and sport,’ he says.
The first title to emerge from the stable is PopJunkietv.com an irreverent music website which Paul has worked on with ex Shiny Media CEO Ashley Norris.
‘PopJunkie started life as a weekly vidcast,’ explains Norris, ‘but it was always intended to develop into a fully fledged site. The site’s writers, Victoria Shortt, of award winning UK music blog Victoria’s Jukebox fame, and Sean Hannam, deliver taut irreverent and engaging copy covering old music, new bands and upcoming music technology.
Norris, who will work with Sorene on Anorak Publishing as CEO, says he has always wanted to work with the Anorak founder. ‘I think the site is on its own in British media. No other independent website covers its core topics of media, politics and celebrity in quite the same way. Paul has a unique voice.’
‘I feel confident that with anorak.co.uk as the flagship title and with the new launches that are in the pipeline Anorak Publishing can be a major player in British online media,’ says Norris.

Paul Sorene and Ashley Norris are available for quotes, interviews, Lattes etc. Please email shinyashley@googlemail.com

PopJunkieTV.com launches – now its a website and a vidcast

31 10 2008

this_is_london-main-216x300Well it has been quite an interesting few weeks for me. Firstly the Evening Standard named me, alongside my two fellow Shiny Media co-founders, as one of the 1000 most influential Londoners. Blimey was my mum proud.

Then T3 included me on their list of the 50 most important people in consumer electronics (thanks Kat!).

In what has to be some odd kind of karma I then got shortlisted for a Hackenflack, though I am going to have to try a hell of a lot harder next year to win that one.

So encouraged by all this acclaim from my peers I have decided to break new barriers and start, wait for it, a new blog – PopJunkieTV

For the last few months I have been working with Victoria Shortt of Victoria’s Jukebox fame, and Sean Hannam of ‘can I interest you in sitting in a bath with me?’ fame on an indie music vidcast called PopJunkie. Some episodes have been really good, others could have done with us setting the colour balance before shooting, but there you go.

Anyway PopJunkie has now morphed into an all new music blog of which I am very proud. In addition to the three of us we have tempted some top notch bloggers and journalists into writing for the site and boy are they good. There are some great features like the top 100 London tunes, lots of new bands, great lost pop albums and, as we are all prisoners of our pasts, a bit of music tech. I think it is great, but then what do I know? I was the man who launched a Twitter blog!

Sure we won’t be competing with Pitchfork or the NME for the time being, but I think there is space for a music blog that is a bit like Mojo or Uncut in the old days – before they started taking themselves too seriously. Sean described it as like The Guardian’s (wonderful) music blog but with knob gags and stupid videos. He’s probably right.

Anyhow pop over and let us know what you think. I have several other more, how shall say it, commercially focussed sites on the boil, including one that is very video-lead. That’s for another time though.

Why Next New Networks needs to get blogging

16 06 2008

There’s one online media company that I know almost as well as Shiny Media, and that’s Next New Networks (NNN). My heart skips a beat each time I get a Google Alert with their name and I religiously devour each word written on the company blog.
This is largely because NNN has quite a lot in common with the company I am a shareholder in, namely Shiny Media. Both have trailblazed an online format that mixes copious amounts of video with traditional blogging that I believe to be the template for the future of many media companies.
The interesting part is that while Shiny has taken a million or so quid in funding, NNN has been invested to the tune of almost $30 million. Even more interesting because Shiny has so far attracted a very impressive range of advertisers including Nokia, Marks and Spencer, Vodafone, Sony, Dyson, LG and many others, while NNN’s blogs and videos seem largely bereft of any advertisers.
Nevertheless this week’s announcement that NNN’s CEO Herb Scannell was stepping down, or rather moving sideways to become chair of the company, came as a bit of surprise. Scannell is of course a huge player in the TV industry with a CV that includes stints at Nickelodeon and MTV. Yet given the tone of the post on the NNN blog it is pretty clear that the company is about to undergo a fairly seismic change of direction.
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