Anorak Publishing launches

20 11 2008

Hi all

Here’s the official word on a new start up I have put together will Paul Sorene of Anorak. There’ll be a bit more background on it tomorrow (Friday).

Top British website re-launches, while founder announces arrival of new online publishing company

• Top UK media/politics site gets re-design
• Site owner Paul Sorene announces Anorak Publishing with three new sites in the pipeline
• Ex Shiny Media CEO, Ashley Norris, takes role as Chief Executive

Anorak, one of the UK’s longest running news and media websites, has unveiled its new re-design. The site’s owner, Paul Sorene, has also announced the formation of a new online content company – Anorak Publishing.
The brainchild of freelance journalist Sorene, has been delivering an irreverent slant on the media and politics for the best part of a decade. The re-designed website maintains Anorak’s stated mission of keeping tabs on the tabloids, but also includes revamped sections on media, strange but true, celebrity, sport and tech.
The site, which currently attracts 300,000 unique readers each month, now also boasts a crack team of freelance writers including award-winning journalist Paul Berger, Private Eye’s Ed Barrett, the voice of US satire ‘Iowahawk’ and Ollie Irish ex Editor of Stuff Magazine.
‘Anorak is one of the leading UK websites that focuses on media and politics,” says founder/editor Sorene. ‘It was very interesting how sites like Salon, Drudge and Instapundit played such an important role during the US election. Anorak is the nearest thing the UK has to those sites and with the financial markets in meltdown, an election less than a year and half away and the media in turmoil we certainly have plenty to write about.’
Sorene also announced the arrival of Anorak Publishing, which will develop a series of websites aimed at British men. ‘The new titles will keep the same anarchic spirit and high editorial values of Anorak but will focus on niches like music and sport,’ he says.
The first title to emerge from the stable is an irreverent music website which Paul has worked on with ex Shiny Media CEO Ashley Norris.
‘PopJunkie started life as a weekly vidcast,’ explains Norris, ‘but it was always intended to develop into a fully fledged site. The site’s writers, Victoria Shortt, of award winning UK music blog Victoria’s Jukebox fame, and Sean Hannam, deliver taut irreverent and engaging copy covering old music, new bands and upcoming music technology.
Norris, who will work with Sorene on Anorak Publishing as CEO, says he has always wanted to work with the Anorak founder. ‘I think the site is on its own in British media. No other independent website covers its core topics of media, politics and celebrity in quite the same way. Paul has a unique voice.’
‘I feel confident that with as the flagship title and with the new launches that are in the pipeline Anorak Publishing can be a major player in British online media,’ says Norris.

Paul Sorene and Ashley Norris are available for quotes, interviews, Lattes etc. Please email

IPC websites’ big rise in traffic – that’ll be the porn then

6 08 2008

A few days ago IPC announced a huge rise in traffic for some of its male focussed websites. The big story was the incredible leap in unique users for the NME which has now topped 3.5 million monthly readers. It is richly deserved given that the quality of the content on the site has improved massively in the past few months. I would love to know how much IPC has spent on the site, but I am guessing it has received then kind of budgets that its rivals, like can only dream about. It will be interesting to see if NME maintains its slight lead over Pitchforkmedia over the coming months.

The other site to rise dramatically was Nuts which in a year has more than doubled its traffic. Now the magazine version of Nuts is the subject of a serious debate at the moment with Tory MPs arguing that its sets a bad example to the nation’s young men. Those MPs probably haven’t bothered to spend too much time on the website for if they did they would probably explode.

IPC is basically offering a soft porn website for underage males. I find it incredulous that a company who has such a rich pedigree in producing quality, respected magazines and the odd website,, would want to publish such trash let alone crow about how many readers it has. In case you don’t want to go there I did the research for you and if I tell you that the highlight is a Big Brother contender from last year in 30 different naked poses you’ll be able to guess how horrendous the rest of it is. Well actually there is some classy UGC in the guise of Assess my Breasts. Horrible

Now I have no issue with Nuts the mag. You pay your money and you take it home and it least it has some good reads in there. But anyone can view the website, and essentially all they are doing is ogling at naked women.

I am sure IPC has demographics which prove that the average reader is 21 and old enough to buy a pint of Fosters, who coincidently are among the main advertisers, but I would have thought that most 21 year olds would find pornotube a little more enticing than Assess my Breasts

So well done IPC, congratulations on a great leap in traffic for Nuts. I am sure there are plenty of other porn sites doing great business too.