Samsung’s first HD phone – the i8910 HD – gets the video treatment

9 07 2009

Anna, new Ed of makes her YouTube debut with a review of Samsung’s exciting new Omnia phone (i8910HD). It apparently shoots video in HD – a first for a smartphone. Can’t wait to have a play with the phone.

Anna also recently wrote my favourite Shiny Shiny post ever in this round up of dog gadgets, iPhone apps. Laughed so much I barked

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Best iPhone app ever – well for Londoners anyhow

9 07 2009

Really smart. It uses GPS, internal compass and the iPhone’s vid camera to tell you how far it is to the nearest tube. Need approval from Apple before it is available. Story nicked wholesale from

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The worst mullets in football

9 07 2009

There are some classics here I love the Charlie Nicholas one – whatever happenned to him???

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Our survey says – Twitter users more interested in sex and coffee than Facebook devotees

9 07 2009

There’s a great feature on Ad Age about what your favourite social network says about you. It features the results of a survey by Anderson Analytics and is designed to help brands identify users’ surfing habits and interests.

Lots of the stuff we know – people spend a lot of time on their chosen site, nearly 10% stay logged in all day long etc, but there’s some other really interesting stuff, mainly about brands.

“When asked if seeing a brand on a social network makes them feel positive or negative about that brand, an almost-equal 17% said positive and 19% said negative. The other 64% were neutral or didn’t care. When asked if they would like more communications from brands, 45% were neutral, while 20% said yes and 35% said no.”

Which kind of fits what I thought in that the vast majority of SN users don’t care too much about brands on SNs. They will interact with them though if the concept and the application grabs their attention.

The stuff about Twitter users is priceless. Apparently if you use Twitter you drink loads of coffee, are entrepreneurial (no surprise there as the vast majority of early Twitter users were from the start up community) and are interested in news and new things. Best of all you are more likely to interested in sex than the average Facebook user – aah so that’s what all those Tweet-Ups are about.

Anyway check it out – it’s an interesting read.

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Save BBC 6Music (and five reasons why I hate the BBC)

8 07 2009

Most of the time I moan about the Beeb for the following reasons

1 They develop hugely expensive websites which they promote across all their media (radio, TV etc) yet they are very sparing with their links and often don’t credit other media sources when they, ahem, pinch stories

2 They pay stupid sums of money for presenters who really aren’t worth the cash

3 Richard Bacon on Five Live – he makes me cringe

4 Mark Thompson is the smuggest man on the planet – Look at this picture weep at his words

5 Richard Bacon again

However there are bits of the Beeb I would probably auction off limbs to keep – namely five live’s footy coverage, BBC4’s arts docs and good old BBC Radio 6Music.

Now it appears the Beeb is pondering a rethink of 6Music and has set up a questionnaire to canvas what punters think. So please if you treasure wonderful stuff like Poppy and The Jezebels plus all the weird stuff Stuart Maconie plays and Steve Lamacq’s wonderful forays into 80s and 90s indie pop fill it in now – you can get it here –

PopJunkie TV has a longer piece on 6Music (and Radio 2 which is also under the spotlight, here –

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Ofcom says O2 has worst 3G coverage in UK

8 07 2009

Really interesting story on Tech Digest which highlights comminucations regulator Ofcom’s 3G map of the UK.

Not surprisingly the 3 network has the best 3G coverage – well it was on the case before the others – and that in last place it is, you guessed it, O2. I have been distinctly unimpressed by O2’s 3G coverage, since getting an iPhone a few months back, and it isn’t just me either

What is most galling is the lack of 3G in rural areas. This is somethign I thought the operators were on to years ago. Roll on next gen services like WiMax

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Future of blogging becoming a very hot topic. Has Twitter killed it?

8 07 2009

Really interesting to see this post from Edelman SVP Steve Rubel on Mashable about the future of blogging.

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now and am going to add my twopennyworth shortly.

For what it’s worth I don’t think that Twitter will kill blogging. It has shaped blogging in that many posts are much shorter now, however I see Twitter as a mini personalised RSS feed shooting me all the blog posts I need to read.

Also I think it is a very dull person who can condense their thoughts into 140 charactars, and even a duller world where no one has more than a few words to say about each topic.

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